Easy Basketball Offense
Hi-Low Offense for Youth

This easy basketball offense is probably the most well known, widely used, and simplest of all offenses at the youth basketball level. It is primarily an offense to be used vs. most types of Zone defenses. It is a great offense for a team who may have a couple of big and strong post players at their disposal.

The Hi-Low, at least at the youth level is also acceptable to use against most Man to Man defenses too; as long as your players understand the concept of the importance of their movement, and are not standing around.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Unlike most of the easy basketball offenses for youth that you will find on this site we will only be using two diagrams to get across the general concept and rotation of the Hi-Low. The reason for this is because it is such an easy offense for kids to learn and execute that there is no need for anymore than that.

Different coaches will always have different ideas as to the set up, rotation, and execution of any basketball offense, but what we will show you here is in essence the sum of the Hi-Low Offense.

Hi-Low Offense Step 1:


  • P1 brings ball across timeline to begin
  • P2 and P3 are set up out on each wing “foul-line extended”
  • P4 and P5 can either be set up at each low-post or have one at the high post and one low as shown

    Start of Offense: Step 1

  • P1 will make a pass over to P2 or P3 on wing (For this we show the ball coming right to P2)
  • As soon as wing player receives pass, high post player, P5 drops to low post to get position
  • P4 flashes quickly to the ball-side high post looking for the pass while being ready and giving a good target for the pass

    Hi-Low Offense Step 2:

    In the case that there is no open opportunity, we bring the ball back out top to reset, swinging it around to other wing.

  • P1 passes to P3
  • Here again, P4 who is now at the off-side high post curls and drops to post low
  • P5 flashes to high post on the ball-side
  • If you like you can teach your off-side wing player to go backdoor. We always did this for mainly two reasons: One, he/she may catch the defenders overplaying or unaware and have a backdoor lay-up or easy short shot off of a lob/skip pass from opposite wing. And two, it puts them in perfect position to get the off-side rebound in the case of a missed shot.

    There is honestly nothing further that needs to be shown concerning this most basic of all easy basketball offenses. The only thing more that we would like to add is that it is very important that your players be able to calmly, confidently, and proficiently pass the ball well, and that you are certain to have your post players making good quick cuts and flashes to the ball, and posting strong. The players being adept at the execution of proper post moves after receiving the ball is always a plus as well. Because in the end it really doesn’t matter how well you move the ball, or get it into the post area, if you aren’t able to score with it once you get there!

    Hope you find this helpful and good luck!Coach Tim

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